About us

is an e-shop and a brand of ROGEL Ltd. specializing in the supply and delivery of high quality Trianon and polycarbonate glasses and products for daily and multiple use in hotels, bars, restaurants, swimming pools, SPA complexes and outdoor celebrations as well as for home use - the villa and the pool.

Our mission is to present quality products of safe materials and long-term use in order to live in good health and in a clean environment! We love nature and we want to protect it from throwing up the huge amount of disposable packaging!

Our products are harmless to your health and protect the environment. We guarantee their good quality with a long service life of 2 years or more. They are created with the thought of the future, and at the same time beautiful and practical.

Our goal is to delight you in owning and using our products. A sense of uniqueness when you carry them with you and the desire to show them.

ROGEL Ltd. is a partner for Bulgaria of the products with brands: Monbento - France, Palm Products - Australia, Global Glass Products - UK and BBP Marketing Ltd, UK. We have chosen to work with partners who also follow a policy of protecting human health and nature.

BB Plastic daily glasses, UK, offer security at an affordable price. From 2018, we offer the whole range of triangular glasses from Global Glass Products, the Netherlands. The Deluxe Series of Cups and Crockery Palm Products, Australia - offers unique triangular cups with a non-slip resistant base for yachts and boats. We also offer their products for outdoor use - cups, food containers and bowls.

Our most exciting debut this year is the favorite food boxes and accessories of Monbento, France.

Why choose TRITAN - BPA free / polycarbonate cups and products:
  1. Safe for dishwasher and microwave ovens;
  2. Appear as glass, but are unbreakable and safe to use;
  3. Resistant to external climatic conditions;
  4. They have superior insulating qualities - they keep the heat in the cold days and the cold freshness of the drinks during the hot summer days, much longer than ordinary pots.

All products can be branded ... from 500 to 50,000 pieces ... at manufacturers or in Bulgaria.

ROGEL EOOD was established as a sole limited liability company by Decision No. 1 of 13.04.1995 of the Sofia City Court under No. 5993/1995
VAT registration number BG831276766. UIC 831276766.
Address by registration: Sofia, Stoil voyvoda Str.


bc Lyulin 8, 328, 6, office 4 -parter / to Slivnitsa metro station /
tel .: +359 885 177 786; +359 999 888 001
e-mail: office@rogel.biz
Facebook: Bartumbler

Lozenets, 45 Elin Pelin Str. (Above the Journalist Square)
tel .: 0999 888 002, 0885 614 643